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Monday - Saturday
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5182 N. Nevada Avenue
Suite 120
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


Welcome to Kineo Fit, the ultimate fitness center in Colorado Springs.  They provide high energy, scientifically based small group training sessions unlike any workout you've ever done.  Their mission is to get you excited about exercising, while using new technology that gives them the ability to maximize your results.

They are the "Decathlon" of workout routines, combining targeted cardiovascular intervals with strength training.  At Kineo, your 60-minute training sessions will incorporate their state-of-the art heart-rate monitors and some of the most advanced fitness equipment in the industry.  One of their elite trainers will guide you through the workout, targeted precisely to the level to intensity you need for faster results and optimal performance.  Their combination of both teamwork and advanced science is sure to make you sweat at their premier Colorado Springs gym.