UVC Green

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At University Village Colorado we believe we have a responsibility to be environmentally aware—and environmentally active. That’s why, during the development and construction of UVC, we made every effort to reuse or recycle materials that were present on the property. That included:

  • Crushing 40,000 cubic yards of concrete foundations and onsite rubble to be reused throughout the site
  • Recycling 250 tons of steel
  • Recycling abandoned cars and an old train car left on the site
  • Recycling more than 300 old tires
  • Removing 6 15-cubic-yard containers of asbestos
  • Relocating many large evergreens on the property within the shopping center and along the public trail system and donating others to property owners around the shopping center.  Trees that could not be relocated were mulched and used in landscape areas
  • Recovering approximately 70 boulders to be reused within landscape areas
  • Setting up recycling dumpsters for paper, wood, plastic and regular trash that could not be reused within the center

In addition to recycling efforts, we also invited City of Colorado Springs firefighters to practice “live” burns (on the buildings of a motel that was to be torn down).  Video footage from this experience was used at their national convention to show a new technique in putting out fires. They received international recognition for their efforts.